The Tiger in Me

(This post was originally written on Feb 2nd, 2017)

img_20170201_165029_954By the time I was writing this piece, I’m in my train ride to Yogyakarta. Because of the crazy-delayed-situation in the Soekarno-Hatta airport, I chose to rush up to train station to get the earliest train on the schedule. Still, my plan to arrive at Yogya was delayed for almost 24 hours due to this misfortune. Blah.

Back to the trip, every time I’m on a train or plane ride, I always bring myself a book or two. To be read or not, I still bring them anyway. This time I brought The Battle Hymn of Tiger Mom by Amy Chua. The book is not in the new release section, actually I bought this book almost 5 years ago, when I was a 17-years-old adolescence (why on earth a teenage girl bought a book about raising kids in tiger/Chinese parenting style). Throughout those years, I found that I couldn’t manage to finish the book. I don’t know if it’s my procrastination or the book simply couldn’t tickle my curiosity.

And now I just finished it. I guess it’s my maturity that whole lot different than I was five years ago (of course! duh), I found the book to be witty, smart and sometimes made me giggle in the middle of hopeless passenger due to this crazy delay situation.

Years ago, I found this book to be racist, too harsh, and blatant. How about now? Yes I still found that Amy Chua is an overachieving mother who’s really annoying and mega-competitive. But turned out I wasn’t offended by all those statement. Everyone has their own way to raise their children, so does Amy Chua. Of course that the way she described her style of parenting was exaggerated and that’s why it made to the New York Bestselling shelf.


#100HappyDays 5. Happiness is Infectious

For people who choose to be selfish to gain happiness will only gain a sense of ‘happiness’ from pleasure, that type of happiness doesn’t last very long, it is fleeting, instead it uses itself up…That’s why most would suggest helping others/being generous is a much better way to gain a true sense of happiness because it gives a state of fulfillment and serenity from within.

So I gave my dear friend Em a little gift for her birthday. It’s a jacket from her favorite sports team, Liverpool. Seeing her happy, I felt happy too. Happy birthday Em! I hope you like it. So, what are you waiting for? You already have the matching jacket with Fajrin. You’re going to live together too for 2 months on an exotic island. What elseeee?? 😉

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#100HappyDays 4. Juicy Juice

I love eating fruits. But the fact I live by myself now, I don’t eat fruits as often when I’m home. Because fruits seem expensive compared to my daily food here 😛 I still buy fruits sometimes, my all time favorite to buy is Banana! Because it’s just yum, easy to eat (no need a knife, plate, fork, etc) and cheap lol. Sometimes I buy fruit salad from Carrefour, not expensive at all and you can get loads of fruit salad 🙂

Another option is juice. I usually buy from a juice stall called “Juice Mesra”. I know it’s an odd name, how can a glass of juice can be “mesra”? hehehe. I choose to buy here because they’re using ripe fruits, real sugar and the juices are thick enough (my friend said: juice with high viscocity :)) ). I think I’ve already tried all of their juice, then I started thinking…… WHY SHOULDN’T I MIX TWO FRUITS?? Sometimes it can be MEH but most of the times it’s YUM. Carrot-Orange is most often combination that I order. Go try it! Don’t forget to say: no need to strain. Believe me, the fibers from carrot will make you full after you finish one. Here’s Carrot-Orange juice. Isn’t the color is just pretty?

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#100HappyDays 3. Health Test

To complete KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) requirement, I had to undergo a series of test and one of them is heath test. Turned out the health test was “gitu-gitu doang”. The doctor asked me a bunch of question that I answered with just yes or no without any further question from him. The doctor is young, maybe he’s the same age with my sister. But he called me with “nak” instead of “mbak” or “dek”. When he filled out my form he said that I’m really young (am I really that young?)

Another thing that I remember, he asked about my eyes condition and I gave him my eyeglasses card (a card that Optik Melawai gave you when you ordered eyeglasses there) and he said that I should always use my eyeglasses everyday. “Do you wear your eyeglasses while you’re driving?” “Errr no, I think I can still see clearly” “Well you should. Otherwise you could endanger other people” 😐


By the way, I got myself a box of churros today from Churro Cruzz. The stall located on Jalan Kaliurang, just across Sepiring Bistro. This yumster cost me only 12000 rupiah 😀 Well who can resist this big churros? (and I can’t even finish to eat all of it)


#100HappyDays 2. Last Day of Exam and Something about POLO

I’m not in a happy mood when I wrote this but whatevs, this is my last day of exam. Luckily, it’s piece of cake 🙂 The subject is Business and Professional Ethics. There is one question about Copyright Law and I gave an example about the POLO brand. Do you know POLO? A shirt brand with a horse in their logo? I used to think that this POLO is part of Ralph Lauren. Turned out that I was wrong.

Actually from my past working days in Batam, I was informed that there is a difference between POLO and Polo Ralph Lauren. Basically POLO is kinda like an imitation Ralph Lauren only available in Indonesia. Reason being is that an Indon Businessman registered the business name POLO in Indonesia long before Polo Ralph Lauren penetrated into the Indonesian market. So the brand POLO actually refers to a local POLO brand and is original from that perspective. However, for the Ralph Lauren products, you need to buy it from the shops which bear the full name Polo Ralph Lauren as due to copyrights law, Ralph Lauren is not able to use the term POLO in Indon by itself.

I think the paragraph above explain everything. You can read the complete discussion here. So basically the POLO brand that you find easily on high-end department stores, malls, airports, even every corner of Bali’s busy street is Indonesian Brand, not from America. In Indonesia, POLO costs about $35-50, when Polo by Ralph Lauren costs $100-150, a big difference huh? No wonder the tourist that came to Indonesia felt really happy when they see the price tag!

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy the one that made from Indonesia, I just think it’s shallow to do such thing like that. If you want to build a brand, build one. Not copycat one big brand and fool everyone about your brand. And more importantly, it violates copyright law because they’re using the same brand and logo.

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